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  this guinea pig stuff video teaches you to treat impaction in guinea pigs. The degree of severity can vary and in this case it is extreme. If a guinea pig becomes infected, the illness may take several courses 1) infection may spread to the bloodstream and cause sudden death 2) infected guinea pigs may lose weight, develop diarrhea, and die over the course of 3 to 4 weeks 3) lymph nodes in the neck or shoulder may enlarge or 4) your pet may be infected without seeming sick.   please-regarding guinea pig anal bleeding? I was cleaning my cages tonight when i noticed my 4 and a half year old female guinea pig had blood on her bum, i then had a closer look and saw her bum was red and a little inflamed. She did a poo later on and i saw that the poo was actually hollow with a clear sac around it. Some guinea pig owners often notice some blood coming out from their guinea pigs bottom and often confuses that their guinea pigs are menstruating. But if they dont menstruate, then what is the cause of bleeding? Can it be something serious? Lets find out! Please note this is not a health guide for treating your guinea pig by yourself. Someone just brought us two female guinea pigs about two hours ago that theyd had for five months. We put them in a partitioned cage next to a male--they cannot contact one another at all. Guinea pigs may eat the soft cecal feces 150 to 200 times in a day, usually directly from the anus. If an animal is obese or pregnant, these soft droppings may be expelled and eaten from the floor. Very young guinea pigs may also eat their mothers soft droppings. Some guinea pigs have been known to snatch cecal feces from other pigs. Rectal prolapse, or a protruding rectum, is more common in pigs than in other farm animals. My guinea pig had this and i was so worried! I took mine to the vet who said that if its in the wee it may just be colouring from carrots, tomatoes, anything red but if its definitely bleeding.

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